1 11:15 A sustainable way to transform your company into a recurring revenue business and to turn yourself into a MSP

11:15 - 11:45

In the “Amazon Era”, any intermediation is no longer required between supply and demand. Goods go directly to the customers, also in the ICT field. Nowadays this is the main turning point for UC&C specialists. Moreover, selling products as a dealer forces the specialist to fight the war on prices, whose outcome is just to make the entire field weaker. Big vendors and carriers are smashing the industry, not providing any new strategy for system integrators. To not just survive but thrive, specialists need to adopt a new business model, a recurring revenue one given by a strong partnership.

During this session delegates will learn:

1. UC&C State of the art in an ever-changing market

2. Risks if the profession doesn’t change

3. The advantages of an evolution in the category

4. A new business model to win the challenge

5. A vision for a great future in UC&C

Steve Olser, CEO and Co-founder, Wildix