StayPrivate: Secure Email. Made Simple

Email encryption services have been a difficult sell and have never been widely adopted by businesses and their customers. Until now.

The Opportunity

SMEs increasingly rely on email for business-critical communication. Whilst emails to and from other businesses are generally secure, emails to and from personal email accounts are emphatically not. Exchanging sensitive or personal information with personal email accounts is a breach of privacy regulations such as GDPR. Worse, business-to-personal email is now the source of over 70% of successful cyberattacks.

Email encryption is not new. But traditional solutions have been very clunky and often sold as add-ons to other cyber security products. Businesses have been forced to choose between convenience and security.

StayPrivate for Partners

The first truly consumer-facing secure email service, StayPrivate is different. StayPrivate is easy to use, simple to implement, offers a great recipient experience and is simple to sell.

Designed for the channel. StayPrivate:

-        solves the single largest security issue facing B2C businesses today

-        works alongside any existing technology;

-        generates scalable recurring revenue for partners;

-        requires zero ongoing support.


“Exhibiting at Channel Live for the first time, we are looking forward to showcasing how simple StayPrivate is to use, implement and sell. To see how you can provide a value-added service that will solve one of your clients’ greatest outstanding problems, delight their customers and generate you significant margin, please come and visit us at booth 113.”

Andrew Brogden, CEO, StayPrivate