Partner with Ground Control – our pedigree is providing remote connectivity solutions

Ground Control is the trading name of three companies: the US-based Ground Control, and the UK-based Rock Seven and Wireless Innovation. Ground Control’s connectivity solutions facilitate incredible initiatives all over the world and a substantial proportion of those initiatives are delivered by our vibrant, creative, partner channel. We’d love to have you join them.

We are world-renowned for our ‘Rock’ range of products, of which perhaps the RockBLOCKs - plug-and-play satellite transceivers that are embedded in weather balloons, data buoys, tracking collars, UAVs and telemetry modules - are the best known.

We also offer the RockSTAR - a personal tracking and communications device, the RockAIR and RockFLEET - global tracking for land, marine and aircraft, and the RockREMOTE, designed for industrial IoT applications. These devices are manufactured in the UK and supplied all over the world.
Working with leading manufacturers like Iridium, Inmarsat, Cobham, Thales and Hughes, we ensure that we have products and services to meet the varied requirements of our customers. In every case, whether it’s our proprietary solutions or products we resell ourselves, we are able to offer partners pricing options that allow you to sell on these solutions and make a comfortable margin.

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