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Westcoast Limited is the UK's largest privately owned IT company and is one of the biggest IT distributors in the UK. We represent IT vendors and their products and services. We market, sell and distribute those products and services to resellers and retailers. Resellers benefit from our supreme product expertise and our competitive pricing. They can rely on us for availability of stock, speed of delivery, attractive commercial terms and, of course, total reliability. We offer vendors unrivalled opportunities to grow their business by extending their market reach and amplifying the power of their commercial initiatives. We take care of all their warehousing, logistics and distribution needs - as well as all the necessary financing. We provide all of the above throughout our ever-expanding product and service portfolio which ranges from desktop PCs, laptops, tablets, mobile, print supplies and accessories – through to infrastructure, cloud and high-end software solutions.

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Telephone: 0118 912 6000