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StayPrivate is secure email made simple. Designed for channel.

Fitting seamlessly into any tech stack and implemented company-wide in a matter of minutes, StayPrivate is extremely easy to use and generates substantial recurring revenue for partners.

Sending or receiving emails from personal email accounts is the #1 security gap facing businesses today. Over 90% of cyberattacks on businesses begin with an email, and over 80% of these attacks involve personal email accounts. Equally problematic, business emails containing personal information sent to and from personal email accounts are in breach of data privacy regulations such as GDPR.
StayPrivate is the simple solution to these problems, enabling businesses to use their existing email to send and receive important information securely, compliantly and conveniently.

With three simple pricing tiers designed to match actual usage, whether you are building onto existing cybersecurity solutions or stepping into the space for the first time, StayPrivate is a natural, important and profitable addition to any technology offering.

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