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Wildix is a multinational company that develops browser-based Unified Communications solutions and VoIP products. The company relies on the network of Certified Business Partners who install Wildix systems in Europe, the United States and the UK.

In 2005 Wildix founded its Research & Development center in Ukraine. In the next years the company with the headquarters in Italy opens sales offices in France, Germany, the Netherlands , the USA and in the UK.

Wildix solution is aimed at small and medium businesses, between 50 and 1000 users, that need to provide their employees and collaborators with efficient yet simple to use communication tools. Wildix system was designed to be easy to install and to manage with low maintenance costs. Wildix system is a complete and scalable solution for companies that need to upgrade their communication tools by introducing such features as videoconference, chat and users presence, and in the same time, reduce operating costs.

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Website: http://www.wildix.com
Telephone: 443300 563 634